Diglipur island lies in the Northern Part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This pristine destination is still untouched by many travellers. Situated around 290 km from the capital city Port Blair, this destination can be reached either by Government operated ferry that operates 2 days in a week or by the Andaman Grand trunk road that runs from South to North Andamans. 

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Travellers can reach this island either by taking a bus, which operates every day from Aberdeen Bazaar in Port Blair or by hiring a cab to this destination. Since, ferry to this island is not operated daily, those who are coming for a short duration trip (3 to 10 Days) are recommended to take a bus or a cab to Diglipur Island.

Diglipur Island boasts of some of the Andaman Islands unique attractions. Here is the list

* This is the island where Olive Ridleys, leather back, Hawk Bill and Green turtles come for hatching. Usually, from November to March, and the best part is that the tourism department helps these turtles and save them from any species. Kalipur beach, Aerial Beach and Ramnagar Beach are well known destinations.

* This island has an island named Ross and Smith that adjoins two islands through a sandbar. During low tide, you can walk from one island to the other and during high tide the sand bar just disappears.

* Diglipur Island hosts the highest peak in Andamans, the Saddle Peak.

* In Diglipur, you also have Mud Volcano and Raman Alfred Caves. This cave is a cluster to around 40 caves